The STOP project brings together an interdisciplinary and intersectoral group of subject matter experts from industry and academia under one umbrella, to address the health societal challenge of obesity with the specific objectives of mitigating the enormous and growing Health Care costs of obesity and related health issues (like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, gallstones, cancer, dementia) that burden European citizens. The STOP project addresses this need through the foundation of an innovative platform to support persons with obesity with a better nutrition under supervision of healthcare professionals. Therefore, the STOP platform captures various Persons with Obesity (PwO) data from different kind of smart sensor streams and chatbot technology, manage and enrich available data with existing knowledge bases and fuse these by machine learned driven data fusion approaches for sophisticated AI data analysis. Essentially, this gathered and analysed data and knowledge is accessible and usable for Health Care professionals amongst others as input for a gamification approach to teach PwO healthier nutrition. In the STOP validation an app that establishes an analogy to Dorian Gray mirror, teaching healthier nutrition.

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